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Closed Classes

The Wine Barrel reserves the right to close a class once it has reached capacity for the specified topic, extenuating circumstances or if there have been no bookings 72 hours prior to the start of the class. If a class you are interested has been closed, please reach out to us at to see if we can add extra spaces or reschedule the class in the future.

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 Current Classes

Japanese Bites (Sunday, 1/13) $45

It’s not all sushi, sake and California rolls. Join us as we explore some of my favorite foods and flavors of my home away from home and the beverages that pair best with them. Simple dishes that pack plenty of flavor and will uplift your next gathering and impress your friends.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Perfect Pairings (Sunday 1/20) $50

I live for food and beverage. Ethereal, or perfect, pairings are food and drink combinations so transcendental that each component uplifts the other into perfect hedonistic bliss. Come and join us as we explore some of our favorite pairings and what makes them so spectacular. Time to test those New Year’s resolutions with pure unadulterated pleasure.

LEVEL: Intermediate    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


How Hot do You Like It? (Sunday, 2/10) $45

Round two of what pairs best with spicy foods, it’s time to kick up the heat and intensity of flavors and see who reaches for the milk first. It’s less about pain and more about how to balance something that can easily overwhelm your palate during a tasting. What can ease a palate wrecker? 

LEVEL: Intermediat       INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Meat Lovers’ “Pair-adise” 

We’ve already covered the basics of chicken and beef but what do you pair with goat, duck, or lamb? Come and explore how fun it can be to pair while stepping slightly out of your comfort zone. Foods and beverages from around the world come together to create an evening of pure delight.

LEVEL: Intermediate        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Previous Classes (Watch for Future Dates)


Alsace: Wine Wonderland 

Join us as we explore the unique and historical region of Alsace. It is one of the most overlooked wine regions in the world with a rich history and tradition of winemaking and unparalleled white wines.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: Clayton Bahr, CSW, CS


Are you Hungary for More?  

Most European countries tip their hats to the Romans for their wines but the history of the Hungarian vine is rumored to go back as far as the third-century B.C.E. Along with the Greeks and Turkish, they are the third and last of the European languages to derive its wine vocabulary from a language other than Latin. Boasting 22 wine-growing regions and close to 100 varieties, there is a lot more than just the famed sweet Tokaji aszú to love. Oklahoma now has a great selection of wines from this incredible country and if you aren’t familiar with them, you are missing out!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Around the World with Pinot Noir

Do you LOVE Pinot Noir? One of the hardest grapes to grow and responsible for some of the most expensive wines in the world, Pinot Noir runs the gamut of styles and flavors. Come learn about this incredible grape, the varied regions it grows in, styles produced and what it pairs best with.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



A Taste of Culture: The Wines of Austria 

For thousands of years, wine has been produced in the many unique wine regions of Austria. Small when placed on an international scale, these wines are big on flavor. Grapes like Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent showcase the best of what this land has to offer. This class will cover the main growing regions, history of the vine, grape varieties grown, and what they pair with. The wines of Austria are sure to become your new everyday wines, so don’t miss out.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS


Backyard BBQ and Grilling Wines   

What says summer more that the smell of meat on the grill or licking BBQ sauce from ribs off your fingers after a long day out on the lake? Yes, beer is perfect for these occasions but sometimes we want more and this class is about giving you more. Come join us as we try some of our backyard favorites and help you find the perfect wine to pair with them. We will look at a range of styles, prices and occasions to ensure that we have you covered!

LEVEL:  Introductory  INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS


Beaujolais: So Much More Than Nouveau  

Looking for a great Thanksgiving wine, but don’t want to be stuck with that always disappointing Beaujolais Nouveau. Then this is the class for you, here you will find no Beaujolais Nouveau; instead, you will find the most talked about wine region in the world now, Beaujolais! Confused? Don’t worry everyone is, but in this class, we will end that confusion and introduce you to the glorious world that is Beaujolais.

LEVEL:  Recreational     INSTRUCTOR: Travis Smith, CS, CSW

Blind Tasting: The Basic and Beyond 

Not to worry, you will not actually be blindfolded but after the class, you will learn deductive tasting skills and how to tell the difference between grapes like Pinot Noir and Tempranillo or Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. We will cover the language of wine; the importance of non-blind tasting; the purpose of blind tasting; classic grapes, regions and styles; and the full deductive tasting process. We will start to look into comparative tastings covering grapes that can easily be confused when tasting blind. Blind Tasting is an Introductory Level Class and will prepare you for more rigorous courses in blind tasting.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Bordeaux: The Bold and the Beautiful

Join us for a survey of Bordeaux, one of France’s most important fine wine regions, and get inspired for your own Bastille Day celebration (July 14th). Fans of red and white blends will find plenty to enjoy here. We’ll explore a bit of history and geography, the major styles of wines on offer, and dispel the myth that Bordeaux wines are too luxurious for casual wine enjoyment.

LEVEL: Intermediate       INSTRUCTOR:  Amie Hendrickson, CSW, CSS, CS



California Dreaming: The Wines of California

You may know the wines of the Napa Valley, but do you know those from Paso Robles, Mendocino, or Santa Barbara? California’s wines vary immensely from region to region, even those made from the same grape variety. Come learn the major regions as we tour this incredible state from north to south and prepare to find your new favorite region. We will cover: American wine laws and history; six major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings. The Wines of California is a Recreational Level Class and is a great way to learn what more this state’s wines have to offer. This class is a great start for those who want to take further courses covering specific California regions and wines.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS


Celebrate Diversity: Blends from Around the World

Few realize that many of the wines we drink every day even those labeled as a single varietal are blends. Blending allows a winemaker to keep a consistency of style and helps with vintage variation. This class will introduce you to some of the most famous blends from around the world. Think Champagne, Côtes du Rhône, Bordeaux, Chianti, Douro, Rioja, and more.

 LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Chillable Reds: The New Rosé? 

We know you love rosé, but there’s a whole host of new red wines out there that are perfect for patio sipping, porch pounding, pool or lake weekends, or just a hot Oklahoma evening at home. No need to fire up the grill, we will take care of sharing our favorite perfect pairings with you. Then you can grill out and share your new favorite chillable reds from class with your friends and family!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Clayton Bahr, CSW, CS


Come Sail Away with Island Wines

 Vines are definitely grown in some of the most beautiful places on earth, and that is especially true with island vineyards. From Santorini to Corsica, Sicily to Sardinia, each region produces wines as unique as the landscape. This class will explore the islands, what grapes they grow, what they taste like and the best foods to pair with them.

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Ditch the Milk! Pairing Beer and Wine with Girl Scout Cookies 

Ever felt that beer pairing was intimidating? Or does the thought of choosing the perfect wine for your next event send you for a glass and an opener? We decided it was time to take the pressure out of pairing and bring in some fun and what better way than with Girl Scout cookies! This class allows you to help support our local Girl Scouts while finding out which beer or wine pairs with your favorite cookie. We will also send you home with some recipes in case you have leftover cookies or decide to order more to freeze and enjoy year round.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Does the Pope Wear a Funny Hat? Rhône Valley Wines 

Are Rhône Valley wines underappreciated? Do you enjoy delicious wine? Discover the range of whites and reds from the north and south in our educational river cruise. The framework to ensure the quality of all French wines was developed here, yet somehow these wines are off the radar for connoisseurs. Our survey of classic French wine regions continues with this informative class.

LEVEL: Intermediate       INSTRUCTOR:  Amie Hendrickson, CSW, CSS, CS



Eat, Drink, and Save Money!  

The holidays can definitely take a toll on your wallet, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in or stop enjoying food and wine! Start the New Year off right with a class that helps you find some incredible wines from around the world for under $20! We will teach you how to find quality wines at great values and offer some easy pairing suggestions.

LEVEL: Recreational  INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Enjoy a Bouquet of Rosé  

Think all pink wine is sweet? Think rosé is just for spring or summer? You are in for the surprise of your life during this class focusing on one of the most versatile categories of wine there is….rosé. These fantastic wines come from all over the world and run the gamut of flavors and colors. We will explore how they are made, what they taste like, and what to pair them with,  Forget wine and chocolate, come and drink pink!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS




Everyone Loves the Classics! Classic Reds & Whites 

Red or white? Why choose. Ever find that just deciding which glass of wine to order or bottle to pick up on your way to a friend’s house can feel overwhelming? With the thousands of grape varieties out there and the even higher number of producers, suddenly grabbing a six pack sounds easier. No need to give up, maybe it is time to revisit the classics! This class will focus on what are considered classic or noble grapes, both red and white, and the regions in which they are grown. Just like with music or food, sometimes we all need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the classics.

LEVEL: Recreational               INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS


Everything but the Bottle!

The stigma that used to surround boxed wine is starting to lift as single serve cans, tetras and even pouches have made our favorite beverage more approachable, portable, fun, and perfect for outdoor activities! No glass on the lake? Who cares as now we can pop open a can of white, rosé, red, or even bubbly and throw it in a koozie along with our beer drinking friends. These wines are not trying to be in your cellar, they are ready for fun in the sun or cocktail mixing when you don’t want to open one of those age-worthy wines. Come learn about how wine lives outside the bottle!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Food & Wine Pairing: Pair Like a Pro!

Want to have a restaurant quality wine dinner in your own home? How about being able to order the perfect glass of wine to pair with you meal without help? Maybe you are more interested in the reasons behind why certain food and wine pairings work. Whatever the reason, this is the class for you! We will cover the what, why and how of pairing food and wine so that you can be the sommelier at your next event.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Go Northwest: The Pacific Northwest 

Learn more about the major regions of the Pacific Northwest…Oregon and Washington State. This area produces some of our nation’s best wines. We will cover: American wine laws and history; six major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings. The Pacific Northwest is a Recreational Level Class that will help you comfortably navigate these states and their major styles of wine, preparing you for future courses covering more specific regions or styles of wine.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS

Hearty Burgundy 

By “Burgundy” we don’t mean grandpa’s jug of wine. Some of the most expensive, collectible wines in the world come from this special place, yet there are tremendous values worth seeking. Understanding one of the wine world’s greatest regions could take a lifetime. For those of us with limited time and budgets this class will offer the basics. Learn how to find some of the best Burgundy values on offer when shopping retail or ordering wine at a restaurant.

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR: Amie Hendrickson, CSW,CSS, CS




Iberian Exploration: Spain & Portugal 

From invasions to exploration, the history of this area is as diverse and intriguing as their food and wines. Gain a deeper understanding of the terrain, grape varieties grown, cuisine and lifestyle without leaving town. Once you have seen what they have to offer, we are sure one or both of these countries will be your next vacation destination

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS



It’s All Greek to Me! 

When you see names Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko and Moschofilero on a wine list do you quickly skip to the next variety that more easily rolls off your tongue? Well, you are definitely missing out! Greece was one of the foremost producers of wine in the ancient world but in modern times we are just beginning to see their wines reemerge and shine. Greek wines offer excellent value, quality and a wide range of grapes to expand your palate. This class will cover the main regions, styles of wine and cuisine.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS



It’s Time for Natural Wine 

What is natural wine? The movement gains in popularity by the day, but with shifting definitions and no official standards, confusion can abound. We take a deep look at all things “natty wine” for your complete guide to this exciting category.

  LEVEL: Introductory      INSTRUCTOR: Travis Smith, CS, CSW



Learn to Swirl and Sip Like a Pro: Intro to Tasting

Join us for a guided tasting experience that takes the abstract concepts of tasting and breaks them down into easy steps. Train your palate with an array of items at your fingertips. Learn to detect fruits, herbs, spices, mineral, and earth-based elements as they appear in wine. By the end, you’ll be able to tell the difference between different citrus fruits, berries, herbs, spices and more – and yes, in the wines.  Intro to Tasting is a Recreational Level Class that will help you understand the flavors, sensations, and aromas associated with ‘properly’ tasting wine. This is a great class to jumpstart your love affair with wine or just gain a deeper understanding of what those tasting notes are talking about.

LEVEL: Recreational      INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS


Let the Battle Begin: Old World versus New World

There are two major classifications of wines that reference not just place but the overall style of wine production. Old world wines tend to show more earthy or non-fruit aromas, are lower in alcohol and lighter in body with less oak than their New World counterparts. New World wines tend to be labeled by grape variety. These are just the tips of the iceberg when discovering the differences in general styles of wine. Come taste through examples of both styles and find out if you prefer New World, Old World, or if you like a little bit of both! Old World versus New World is a Recreational Level Class that prepares you for future tasting classes and acts as the basis for future Old World versus New World specific style or variety courses.

LEVEL: Recreational        INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS



Made in the USA

With so many new wines available to us we are able to travel around the world without ever leaving the comforts of home. Sometimes with all of these new options though, we forget about all of the amazing wines we make right here in the good ole’ USA! From upstate New York to Oregon and Washington and of course, who can forget California we make some of the best wine in the world here at home. This class will go over the history of wine here, our wine laws and regions, and focus on the some of the top areas and the foods that pair best with them. Come join us and celebrate homegrown favorites.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS




Middle Eastern Exploration: Wines of Israel & Lebanon 

They say wine reflects the heart and soul of another and what an incredible way to learn about another culture! Through this beautiful elixir you can travel the globe, explore varied terrain and walk a far-away path in someone else’s shoes. These often over-looked regions are rich with history and tradition and are receiving international acclaim for their wines. Come let us transport you to these desert oases and learn what incredible wines and foods you have been missing.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Napa Rocks!

One of our country’s most famous wine regions is an Oklahoma favorite. Have you ever wanted to know more about the valley? Have you ever tasted a Napa Valley wine under $20? Learn the basic lay of the land and get inspired to take a long weekend to one of wine country’s best. This class will offer a range of wine styles and values, as well as handy travel tips.

LEVEL: Introductory               INSTRUCTOR: Amie Hendrickson, CSW, CSS, CS



Napa vs Sonoma Showdown: Cabernet Sauvignon

California Cabernet runs the gamut from mass produced to cult wineries most people only read about, but one thing is for sure there is some world class Cab made there! So, Napa or Sonoma, which do you prefer? Don’t know, then join us for an afternoon showdown between these two regions. We will discuss the history of Cabernet in both regions, the differences and similarities between their wines, why they taste this way and what they pair best with. Come let your palate be the judge!

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS

Pigs and Pinot

Pork lends itself to innumerable cooking methods and preparations. Pinot Noir is an extremely food friendly wine. Come and learn about the constant love affair between pigs and Pinot. Sample pork dishes that make the wine shine and learn about wines that elevate pork dishes to something even more spectacular. Each brings something unique to the table and it’s a match made in heaven.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Rosé and BBQ! 

Around here it is year round rosé and Spring is when the market starts to flood with incredible examples from every corner of the globe. What does that mean? Time to taste and hard!  From Provence to Chile and everywhere in between. Now, BBQ you may ask yourself? Hell yes, because rosé and BBQ are like peanut butter and jelly! If you’re questioning this, do yourself a favor and let Ian blow your mind.

LEVEL: Recreational        INSTRUCTOR: Ian Bennett, CS


Say Olé to Spanish Wine and Tapas 

Learning to pair food and wine is much easier than you think, it is merely the combining of flavors like choosing what spice to put in your chili. Spain is home wines that run the gamut of styles and flavors as do their foods…what grows together goes together. This class will cover the history of tapas and explore some of the fabulous pairings from major and minor regions.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS


Slovenia: Who Knew? 

Did you know that great, affordable wine is made in Slovenia and available to us here? Slovenia is a country with a rich history and an amazing wine story. Join Clayton Bahr as he transports you to this beautiful country through their wines.

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR: Clayton Bahr, CSW, CS



Sophisticated Sweets!       

We all love dessert yet most of us shy away from sweeter styles of wine. Why? These wines offer the perfect balance for stronger cheese, foie gras, cured meats, or simply as a sophisticated sipper on its own. This Recreational Level class will prove sweet wines are amongst the finest in the world. Think Port, Tokaji, Lambrusco, Madeira, and some a little more off the beaten path. All of the flavors of your favorite desserts with way less guilt, plus you’re learning in the process.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR:  Ian Bennett, CS


Sparkling Wines: From Pét Nat to Prosecco

Do you love sparkling wine as much as we do? If so, this is the class for you. From dry to off-dry, white to red, fruit focused or creamy and rich, sparkling wine has something for everyone. Don’t know the difference between Prosecco, Cava, Pét-Nat and Champagne? After this class you will be well versed in all styles and types of sparkling wines from around the world. We will cover the various production methods used to make sparkling wines, regions where they are produced, styles, flavors and what they pair with.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS




Syrah: The World’s Most Misunderstood Grape

Possibly the world’s most misunderstood grape, Syrah is the wine that all industry professionals love to drink, but the one they find the hardest to sell. In this class, we will try and unveil the mysteries of this noble grape by trying classic examples from around the world and showcasing just how special the wines can be.

  LEVEL: Introductory      INSTRUCTOR: Travis Smith, CS, CSW




Tasting Notes: A Primer in Wine & Music Pairing 

We can all recall where we were and what we were doing when a certain song comes on or when we see a bottle of wine that transports us to another time and place, but what happens when the two are combined? Maybe it is time you come and fine out! Explore the world of pairing wine with music with the previous host of Tasting Notes, Clayton Bahr.

LEVEL: Introductory               INSTRUCTOR: Clayton Bahr, CSW, CS


That’s Amore! Italian Cheese and Wine 

A tavola non si invecchia means at the table one does not age and this phrase gives a glimpse into the Italian’s love for food, wine, family, and friends. Sitting down with others to awaken the senses of touch, smell, taste, and sound is central to their way of life and ensuring that one is present in each moment. Come join us as we explore some of the incredible products Italy has to offer! We will try cheese from various regions (with a few meats as well) and look at the incredible offerings of both indigenous and international varieties this country has to offer.

LEVEL: Recreational            INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS



Thunder Down Under: The Wines of Australia and New Zealand  

A lot of people associate both of these countries with lower-priced values wines or large volume producers, but there is so much more to explore. The varied terrain, varieties grown, styles made, and consistently high ratings make both islands areas ready to compete with the best the world has to offer. This class will show you some of the lesser known regions and the wines they produce and we guarantee you will find a new favorite or two.

LEVEL: Introductory      INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS



Taste the ‘Red’ Revolution: Classic Reds of the World

In this class, we explore classic examples of the world’s best known red varietals like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. Each variety has its own combination of identifiable markers that you can use to recognize them when tasting blind. This exploratory course will introduce you to the basics and help you learn what styles of red your prefer. Classic Reds of the World is a Recreational Level Class that will provide a basis for future courses covering tasting, regions, or specific styles.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS


Under the Tuscan Sun 

Tuscany is not only the pride of Italy but one of the most coveted wine-regions in the world. Starting with the Etruscans over 3000 years ago, wine is a part of the culture and woven into the fabric of daily life. While Sangiovese is the star here, times have changed and international varieties are showing how alongside their Italian siblings they can produce poetry in a bottle. This class will cover the major wine laws, Tuscan regions and the foods that make them shine.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Vibrant Rioja!

Spain has a life-force all its own and each region is like a different country with unique cultures, people, foods, and of course, wines. For many, Rioja is Spain in a glass but there is so much more to explore about this north-central region and its wines. From its varying zones, aging requirements, styles of productions and more, there is definitely something for everyone. Come learn why Rioja should be your go-to white, rosé or red for special occasions or everyday!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS




 Washington State: Americas Jack of all Trades

From Riesling to Cabernet and almost everything in-between Washington does have something for everyone! Although no longer considered a hidden gem, few realize just how diverse the Washington wine industry truly is. Ranging from cool to warm climates, high altitudes to low elevations this region is a winemaker’s dream. In this recreational level course, we will introduce wine drinkers to the history, AVA’s and different grape varietals of what is arguably America’s most versatile wine region.

LEVEL: Recreational     INSTRUCTOR: Travis Smith, CS, CSW


Weird Science: Behind the Science of Wine

Ever wondered why Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of grapefruit or black pepper notes are common in Syrah? These characteristics come directly from aroma compounds in grape varieties and understanding them can increase your pleasure and knowledge of wine. This is your opportunity to understand tasting notes and be able to better describe your favorite wine. This is a great way to help you identify what you are smelling and why when enjoying wines.

LEVEL: Introductory      INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS

Back to Basics: Wine 101

Learn wine basics and discover what you like in a wine so you can feel more comfortable and confident when ordering bottles in a restaurant or wine shop. We will cover: how wine is made; the differences between Old World and New World styles of wine; how climate affects the body, alcohol, and acidity of wine; how to determine and describe what you like and more. Wine 101 is a Recreational Level Class and is great for beginners or wine lovers who just want to gain a deeper understanding of the basics.

LEVEL:  Recreational    INSTRUCTOR: Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



Wines of South Africa

Wines have been made in South Africa since the 1600s. Despite its long, tragic history, South Africa is a new world winemaking country. Check out some of the latest offerings from the southern hemisphere and maybe find new wines to serve at your next braai (and find out what that is).

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR:  Amie Hendrickson, CS, CSW, CSS



What’s Soil Got to do With It? Volcanic Wines 

Have you ever wondered why certain grapes taste different or thrive in certain areas? Just like other produce temperature, sunlight, rainfall, and of course, soil impact whether or not grapes will do well in a specific climate. In this class we will focus on soil and more specifically volcanic soil and its impact on the vines and grapes growing in it. Not to worry, you don’t need to have taken a class in geology to understand this Recreation Level class. This is all about fun and learning how wine grows in some of the most unique places in the world.

LEVEL: Recreational    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS