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Cancellations and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our classes, special events, gift cards, online ordering, or other issues not answered here, please email us at

Wine University Classes and Event Cancelation
Our goal is to always make it easy and fun for you to learn about, share and explore wine, beer, and spirits. We offer advance registration for classes as well as special event registration to make planning easier. Classes and events will remain open for members of the Barrel Room and Wine University Club until we have reached classroom capacity.

We do understand that schedules can change or unexpected events occur. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

For cancellations over 48 hours in advance: “The Barrel Room” will apply a credit to your membership which can be used to register for future classes or events. To request a cancellation and credit to your account, please email with your order number. Credits will be valid for one year after the original charge date and then will be removed from your account.
For cancellations within 48 hours: there is no credit given. If you are unsure of your schedule and do not want to register in advance, you may always drop-in to your desired class or event as spaces may still be available. Note: for classes and events with limited space, the online registration/reservation system shows the number of spots currently available, refer to it for an idea of how many spaces are left. Just click on the drop down labeled Number of Attendees as if you were registering and the maximum attendees will indicate how many spots currently remain.


If I choose a Barrel Room Membership, will my wines be stored in optimal cellar conditions?
Yes. The cellar conditions and quality are state of the art and the same in both the lockers and case storage areas. All wines are stored with correct temperature and humidity.

If I choose a Barrel Room Membership, will my wines be kept secure?
Yes. We provide security for your wine, you and those with you when you are on our property. Access to your wines is also monitored and secure. Our sophisticated, custom designed security system will constantly monitor your unit using an internal surveillance camera. The wine cellar is locked and supervised during off business hours by a central alarm monitoring station. When you arrive, the system identifies you and opens the door. All activity in our facility is recorded on a separate security system and this information will be reviewed in case of an infraction or security breach.

Is my wine insured?
Wine insurance – All our clients may insure their wines using their homeowner’s policy. The Wine Barrel will not insure your wines at our facility.

Is there a minimum or maximum storage time I must store my wine?
No. New members will be required to complete a one hour orientation/registration program before taking possession of their locker. Many of the terms of use, membership perks, and questions will be covered during this time. Members are also encouraged to unpack their wines and rack their bottles after the orientation.

Is there a minimum quantity of wine I must keep stored?
No. You pay for the locker, so the quantity stored there is completely up to you. We currently offer three sizes of lockers: 12, 24, or 36 bottle lockers with limited case storage also available.

What does a wine locker or cellar cost?
You will be charged a flat fee based on the size of the locker. Fees are $75 per month for a 12 bottle unit, $95 per month for a 24 bottle unit, and $135 per month for a 36 bottle unit. The locker membership also includes the use of the Barrel Room during off hours as well as discounts on Wine University classes and other special events.

Is there a set-up fee and what is it?
Yes there is and this one time set-up fee is charged when you first become a Barrel Room member. You do not have to pay this fee again, even if you switch to a different sized locker at a later date. This one time fee is $55 per membership and includes your pass key. There will be a $20 charge for any replacement key.

When are the wine locker/cellar rental fees due?
All fees are due in advance and monthly fees are due on the date of your contract each month. Those who pay for 12 months in advance will have price protection for the duration of their terms.

What happens if I have to close my account earlier than planned?
With 30 days notice, you may terminate your membership and close your account. Any unused prepaid dues on your account above the 30 days will be refunded.

Can I share my locker with another person?
A unit is for individual use and can only be shared with a spouse or significant other.

Are there wine racks in my locker?
Yes. Standard racks are included at no charge.

What if I run out of space in my locker?
Subject to availability, you can upgrade (or downgrade) to a different size unit at any time. You do not have to wait until the terms of your lease ends and any prepaid rent on your old unit is automatically credited to your account and applied to your new unit. Alternatively, if you do not want to move your bottles to new unit, you can keep your unit and lease an additional one or add case storage to your membership.

I have decided that I would like a Barrel Room Membership, so what’s next?
Call us at (405) 285-0315. If you would like to come in and tour our facility, we would be more than happy to show you around. Websites can be misleading and the only way to determine whether the Barrel room is your true wine solution is to come in, take the tour, ask questions, and physically look at the space. Please note that tours are by appointment only, so please email or call to set up a time that is convenient for you. Our staff will provide you with a full tour and answer all our your storage questions as well as inform you about the diverse programs we have available. Once all of your paperwork is complete, you are set. You are now the owner of your very own wine cellar!