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Japanese Bites (Sunday 1/13) $45 

It’s not all sushi, sake and California rolls. Join us as we explore some of my favorite foods and flavors of my home away from home and the beverages that pair best with them. Simple dishes that pack plenty of flavor and will uplift your next gathering and impress your friends.

LEVEL: Intermediate        INSTRUCTOR:  John Enterline, CSS, CBS

How Hot do You Like It? (Sunday, 2/10) $45

Round two of what pairs best with spicy foods, it’s time to kick up the heat and intensity of flavors and see who reaches for the milk first. It’s less about pain and more about how to balance something that can easily overwhelm your palate during a tasting. What can ease a palate wrecker?

LEVEL: Introductory     INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Previous Classes (Watch for future dates)

All About Sake

Sake is a versatile and subtle drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can drink it hot or ice cold, sip it straight or enjoy it in a cocktail, even pair it with your favorite Japanese dishes. Come and learn about this often misunderstood and underappreciated drink while tasting simple and delicious Japanese foods.

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS

All for Rum and Rum for All! 

Rum tends to be written off as either all spiced and sweet or only for pool/beachside cocktails. Serious and novice drinkers take note, a rum renaissance is on the horizon! From light and dry to medium and smooth to dark and rich, rum literally runs the gamut of styles, textures, sweetness, and flavors. While this spirit is the base for some of the most noteworthy cocktails around (think Hemingway Daiquiri, Mojito, Dark & Stormy, and the Cable Car), it is complex and elegant and deserves to be sipped not slugged. Come join us to see what it’s like it’s like when there are no rules, just rum.

LEVEL: Recreational   INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, CSW, ACWS, CS



The quintessential American spirit. Whiskey is experiencing a global resurgence in popularity and the delicious and affordable American Bourbons are leading the charge. Whether you like it sweet and mellow or spicy and flavorful; mixed, on the rocks, or neat there is something for everyone!

LEVEL: Recreational          INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CCS, CBS



Can you Handle the Heat? Pairing Spicy Food with Beer and Cocktails

Foods with lots of spice and heat often don’t pair well with alcohol; the two tend to bring the worst out in each other. Come and join us as we see which adult beverage does the best when it comes to taming the heat. This class will focus on how to pair spicy foods with beer and cocktails.

LEVEL: Intermediate

INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS

Cider: It’s Not What You Think! 

Cider is one of the oldest and most misunderstood categories in the world of Alcoholic beverages. From easy drinking modern ciders to the complex age-worthy ciders of Europe and everything in between. This class will take an in-depth look at one of the fastest and most exciting categories in the beverage world.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR: Travis Smith, CS, CSW

Classic Cocktails With a Twist

Spice up Old Pal, add something new to an Old Fashioned and kick it up a notch with a Moscow Mule.  In this Recreational Level Class, we will take a look at three classic cocktails and how adding an extra ingredient or two can take an already fantastic beverage and elevate it to new heights.

LEVEL: Recreational         INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CCS, CBS


Craft Beer Mixology

Beer is one of the most versatile beverages on the planet. Sure it’s great paired with food or drank all on it’s own but it is also a great component in mixing tasty and unique cocktails. Used as an ingredient itself, as a component in other ingredients, or as the base of a spirit itself. Join us in this class where we will take a fresh look at this beverage and the unique take to mixology that it brings to the table.

LEVEL:  Introductory  INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS

Geeky Cocktails

They can taste as good as the real thing and don’t have to be based around a silly gimmick. The spice must flow in a Kwiztaz Sazerac, plumb the fire and shadows in a spicy Balrog, Expand your mind with an Akira, and keep it classic with a Ron Swanson.

LEVEL: Recreational       INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CCS, CBS


Get into the Spirit! 

Do you normally drink wine or beer but want to learn more about spirits? In this class we will give a brief overview of the main spirit types and classic offerings that exemplify their characteristics. Vodka, rum, whiskey, and tequila; we’ll touch on them all! What a great way to spend an evening with friends or making new ones.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Gluten Free! 

This class is 100% gluten free, no cross contamination either! For those who have Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or just choose to cut it from their diet, this class is for you. Do you or someone close to you have dietary restrictions involving gluten that limit what you can eat or drink? This class will go over gluten free options that run the gamut from beer to wines and spirits. Just because you’re restricted doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS

Let the Evening BeGIN! 

Did you know that gin and tonics helped keep the British Empire healthy from malaria? It is also said to be able to reduce the risk of heart disease, help you maintain your weight, and contains beneficial antioxidants. All of course in moderation. Gin is definitely one of the world’s greatest spirits but tends to be overlooked and under appreciated. Well, it is time for change! Join us as we take at look at its history, different offerings, current crazes, and many uses!

LEVEL: Introductory    INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton CSW, ACWS, CS



O’ Canada: Exploring Canadian Whiskies 

What sets Canadian whiskies apart from Bourbons, Scotches and Irish whiskies? Come find out in this class where we learn about this often over looked whisky and why it’s unique. Canadian whiskies are some of the best values on the market, come and learn about a few of my favorite distilleries.

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Party Cocktails

There’s no need to stress out for your next party with these easy batch cocktail recipes in hand you’ll be able to wow your guests without batting an eye. Prepared in advance batched cocktails can elevate your next gathering with ease.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Tequila Cocktails

It’s not just for Margaritas! Tequila is a complex liquor that is well served by sipping straight or using in a variety of tasty cocktails.  A Paloma, Bloody Maria, or a Salty Miami are just a few ways in which you can utilize this often under-appreciated but delicious spirit.

LEVEL: Recreational          INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CCS, CBS


Tequila Takeover 

It’s not just for shots and margaritas. This often misunderstood spirit is flavorful, characterful, and as worthy of sipping and appreciating as any other type of spirit. In this class we will discuss everything from production, flavor profiles, and barrel aging. Whether you’re in need of something complex to sit and sip or an affordable but delicious tequila to elevate your margaritas to something transcendental this class has you covered.

LEVEL:  Introductory  INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


The Great Drinksby: Roaring 20’s Cocktails!

Though the US spent the 20’s suffering through Prohibition, it was hardly known for being a dark period for booze. Whether the recipes came from across the pond or stateside, this flapper-fueled decade was well lubricated. Glamour, glitz, bathtub gin, and speakeasies set the scene for cocktails like the Bee’s Knees, Boulevardier, Scofflaw, Hanky Panky, and more. Join us as we take a trip back to this glorious era and revisit some of their most famous cocktails!

LEVEL: Introductory       INSTRUCTOR:  Kasi Shelton, ACWS, CSW, CS

Scothchy, Scotch, Scotch!

From the Highlands to Islay the whiskies of Scotland share many similarities but there is also a wide range of flavors and characters to choose from. Whether you need the perfect gift for father’s day or want to take a step into the world of Scotch whisky this class will give you some basic tools to begin your explorations.

LEVEL: Recreational     INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CCS, CBS


Winter Warmers 

What does the best job of keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night? There are tons of seasonal beers, mulled wines, and delicious cocktails. Come and learn about a few of my favorite ways to ride out an Oklahoma ice storm or how to make the best dang hot toddy you’ll ever taste.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS