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 Current Classes

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Japanese Bites (Sunday 1/13) $45

It’s not all sushi, sake and California rolls. Join us as we explore some of my favorite foods and flavors of my home away from home and the beverages that pair best with them. Simple dishes that pack plenty of flavor and will uplift your next gathering and impress your friends.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Perfect Pairings (Sunday 1/20) $50

I live for food and beverage. Ethereal, or perfect, pairings are food and drink combinations so transcendental that each component uplifts the other into perfect hedonistic bliss. Come and join us as we explore some of our favorite pairings and what makes them so spectacular. Time to test those New Year’s resolutions with pure unadulterated pleasure.

LEVEL: Intermediate    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


How Hot do You Like It? (Sunday, 2/10) $45

Round two of what pairs best with spicy foods, it’s time to kick up the heat and intensity of flavors and see who reaches for the milk first. It’s less about pain and more about how to balance something that can easily overwhelm your palate during a tasting. What can ease a palate wrecker?

LEVEL: Intermediate     INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Meat Lovers’ “Pair-adise” (Sunday, 2/24) $50

We’ve already covered the basics of chicken and beef but what do you pair with goat, duck, or lamb? Come and explore how fun it can be to pair while stepping slightly out of your comfort zone. Foods and beverages from around the world come together to create an evening of pure delight.

LEVEL: Intermediate     INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Previous Classes (Watch for future dates)

All About Them Hops

Hoppy Styles are some of the most popular beers around.  Whether it is assertive IPA’s, refreshing Pilsners, or big Barley Wine, hops play a fundamental role in their flavor profiles.  In this Recreational Level Class, we will compare and contrast the various characteristics of hops from the key hop growing regions of the world and how to detect them in the beers you drinks.  Perfect for all those hop heads looking to expand their understanding of one of beer’s four key components.

LEVEL: Recreational                                      INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS

Beer vs Wine Smackdown: Regional Favorites

Everyone loves a little friendly competition and with this being the first Smackdown of 2018, we leave last year’s record of 3-1 (in favor of wine) in the past and start clean. Pairing is subjective and there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding great matches for your favorite dishes. This smackdown we are focusing on some of our favorite regionally inspired dishes (think Okie!) and we need you to decide whose pairing is the best. Beer or wine? You decide!

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTORS: John Enterline & Kasi Shelton

Belgian Ales 101

Belgium offers some of the most interesting, complex, and sought after beers available.  One of a kind Trappist ales, malty Dubbels and refreshing Tripels all offer a depth of flavor that many aspire to but few can reach.  In this Recreational Class, we will delve into the history and styles of some of the finest beer drinking to be had on the planet.

LEVEL: Recreational               INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Beer for Wine Drinkers 

If beer is not normally your beverage of choice, give this class a try. I’ll try to change your mind and shatter any preconceived notions you may have about this multifaceted beverage. It can be light, dark, malty, refreshing, tart, sweet; the options are endless. Paired with food it’s incredibly versatile and can stand up to a massive array of dishes. With beer there really is something for everyone.

LEVEL:  Recreational    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline CSS, CBS



Can you Handle the Heat? Pairing Spicy Food with Beer and Cocktails

Foods with lots of spice and heat often don’t pair well with alcohol; the two tend to bring the worst out in each other. Come and join us as we see which adult beverage does the best when it comes to taming the heat. This class will focus on how to pair spicy foods with beer and cocktails.

LEVEL: Intermediate

INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Craft Beer  102: It’s Back! 

An ever changing landscape of new products, shifting trends, and changing laws means that new offerings come into the Oklahoma beer scene on a continual basis. Whether you are looking for something local or exotic, nearly any style is available from a vast array of breweries. Craft beer has a far greater depth than many give it credit for so come and join us for a class where we plumb this beverage’s great complexities.

LEVEL:  Introductory  INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Craft Beer Mixology  

Beer is one of the most versatile beverages on the planet. Sure it’s great paired with food or drank all on it’s own but it is also a great component in mixing tasty and unique cocktails. Used as an ingredient itself, as a component in other ingredients, or as the base of a spirit itself. Join us in this class where we will take a fresh look at this beverage and the unique take to mixology that it brings to the table.

LEVEL:  Introductory  INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Get Cooking with Beer 

Whether it’s drinking a beer while cooking, finding an ethereal pairing, or adding some flavor to your favorite recipes beer’s true versatility is in the kitchen. Food and beer are two of my life’s great passions and in this class we explore how to they complement each other in a variety of ways. This class is all about flavors and how they interact.

LEVEL:  Intermediate    INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline CSS, CBS



Intro to Beer and Food Pairing 

Beer has far more versatility when it comes to pairing with food than most people realize. Great beer deserves a place on your dinner table whether it is during your nightly supper, a special occasion or the holidays, beer can match, elevate and stand up to anything you can throw at it. In this class, we will discuss the mechanics of flavor, pairings, and how each elevates the other to glorious new heights of hedonistic pleasure.

LEVEL: Introductory                 INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Okie Beer: Better than Okay! 

Oklahoma is up and coming in the craft beer scene. We should be proud of the great beers produced here. From traditional styles to innovative variations the beers being brewed locally compare favorably to those produced anywhere else.

LEVEL: Recreational            INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


Oktoberfest Beers and Bratwurst! 

Oktoberfest is here which means fall is on the way, with the holidays right behind. Which brewery has the best Oktoberfest beer this year? Will it be a domestic offering? Perhaps even something local? Or will it be a more traditional German brew? Come and join me for some Brats and help us pick a favorite out of this year’s releases.

LEVEL: Introductory        INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS



Pucker Up Buttercup, It’s Time for some Sours 

Over the past few years, sour styles of beer have exploded in popularity.  Choices for traditional beers and variations on classic style abound.  Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing Saison, a tart Lambic, or if the complexity of a Flanders red ale is more your speed, in this Recreational Level Class we will cover what these wonderful beers have to offer.

LEVEL: Recreational            INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS


The Fundamentals of Appreciating Beer

Truly appreciating beer is little more complicated than pouring an ice cold brew into a pint glass and quaffing it down.  Craft beer offers a dizzying array of styles and flavors, by paying a little attention to the details you will come to see the complexity and diversity of this amazing beverage.  Beer possesses a depth of flavor and aroma that is worthy of true appreciation as any other adult beverage.  In this Recreational Level Class, we will cover the major flavor components in beer as well as proper serving temperature and appropriate glassware.  A great place to begin quenching your thirst for a more informed beer drinking experience.

LEVEL: Recreational         INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS 

Smackdown: Beer vs Wine Cheese Pairing

Join us as two of our instructors go head to head to see whether beer or wine is the best pairing for cheese. We will try a variety of cheeses and discuss the science behind pairing. So whether you like wine or beer or both, come and help us decide who has the better pairings!

   LEVEL: Introductory      INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline & Kasi Shelton

Smackdown: Beer vs Wine for Grilling

Whether you attended the Cheese Pairing Showdown or this is your first Smackdown class, it will not be your last. Pairing is subjective and we need your palate to help us decide whether beer or wine pairs best with a variety of grilled items. We will discuss the basics of pairing when grilling and then let you decide who has the better pairings.

LEVEL: Introductory              INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline  & Kasi Shelton

Upping your Lager Game

It’s not all about pale, fizzy, tasteless, mass-produced macro-lagers. They can taste great and be refreshing while still having flavor. Take it a step further with complex doppelbocks and rich porters.

  LEVEL: Recreational         INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline CSS, CBS



Winter Warmers 

What does the best job of keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night? There are tons of seasonal beers, mulled wines, and delicious cocktails. Come and learn about a few of my favorite ways to ride out an Oklahoma ice storm or how to make the best dang hot toddy you’ll ever taste.

LEVEL: Introductory   INSTRUCTOR: John Enterline, CSS, CBS